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frequently asked questions

company policy

Our company does not have a strict policy to keep. Our goal is to enjoy what we do and to focus to the positive side of our artistic creation.

Our workshop consists of a small group of creators led by Yannis Gounaridis. The jewels and all our creations, are handmade and differ by far from the aesthetics and typology of a high quantity production with clear commercial purposes. At bord de l’eau we design and create jewelry and objects with aesthetic and utilitarian value for you and your personal space. Each item is available in limited pieces in our store exhibition and is custom-made in our online store.

Our goal is to create everyday, affordable and unique jewelry. For this purpose, the materials we use are basically silver, aluminum and bronze. Our techniques are in continuous process and development. Typically, we mention the techniques of oxidation, gold-plating, rhodium-plating and platinum-plating.

Our photos are available in great detail for aesthetic purposes. They are copyrighted by bord de l’eau and they cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Jewelry designer: Yiannis Gounaridis
Photographer: Christos Antoniou & Nik Logiotatidis
Copyright bord de l’eau | 2010

terms & conditions

The jewelry of our e-shop is custom made and therefore not refundable. Each order requires an amount of period for creation and shipping. The average delivery is around 10-20 business days for postage in Greece and 20-30 working days for shipments abroad (for more information please refer to the “shipping and delivery” section). In the unexpected event of a defective product, we are prepared to replace it free of charge by sending back to us the defective item at our own expense.

account policy

Our company does not use your personal information for any commercial purpose or other promotional actions (marketing mailing). Personal information is protected by the integrity and morality of our character. Your personal data only refers to your name, mail and shipping address and not to your bank account details as they are not stored in our database.

payment options

In our online store we offer the most secure online transactions methods such as credit card use, direct bank deposit, viva wallet (payment from an external certified website) and, of course, payment with your personal paypal account. At this time, we do not accept the option of cash on delivery. The payment method is asked at the completion stage of your order and no bank details are stored in our database.

secure transactions

We guarantee that all transactions are made with external secured and certified bank systems (payment gateways), without storing any banking information in our database. In this way we ensure the quality of our transactions and the security of your bank details.

shipping and delivery

Our company delivers to Greece and Europe. The delivery time for Greece is around 10-20 working days and for abroad 20-30 working days (please refer to terms and conditions for more information).

The cost of shipment depends on the size and weight of the parcel and the country of dispatch. It also depends on the shipping warranty. In our online store the cost is calculated automatically at the last stage of your order from item’s shipping class. The cost is about 5-10€ for shipments all over Greece with small packaging. The shipping cost abroad is about 15-30€ for the same package. In the case of middle packaging, the cost increases around 5€ for shipments to Greece and 10€ for shipments abroad. In the case of large packaging, the cost is increased to 10€ and 20€ respectively.

Our shipping methods are two and differ in quality, time, warranty and shipping cost. The first method is delivered by the Greek Post Office and the second one delivered by courier. Our company does not guarantee the safety of the items during the shipment except for their safe packaging and standardization.